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Lola "Beth" Conner
January 24, 1935 ~
October 15, 2018
Date of Service: October 22, 2018

William Curtis
April 8, 1933 ~
October 03, 2018
Date of Service: October 26, 2018

Charles "Roger" Britt, Sr.
September 22, 1945 ~
October 07, 2018
Date of Service: October 27, 2018

Lynda Ross
March 4, 1940 ~
October 15, 2018
Date of Service: November 03, 2018

Frances Babcock
February 23, 1929 ~
August 22, 2018
Date of Service: November 09, 2018

Marlis Wernberg
January 2, 1944 ~
October 16, 2018

Virginia Frizzell
June 12, 1936 ~
October 16, 2018

George Dale
July 29, 1933 ~
October 13, 2018

Bert Kamps
December 8, 1923 ~
October 12, 2018

Rex Biddy
June 4, 1919 ~
October 12, 2018

Jerome Nelson
July 16, 1941 ~
October 09, 2018

Margaret Gary
June 24, 1923 ~
October 04, 2018


Online Condolences for Allen McAlear ( March 25, 1928 ~ November 22, 2012)

May 09, 2014
Gosh, I wish I would have had that inotrmafion earlier! o0EqaVtmM qNPiCOXi8qM (b1z3yuQD, DC)

December 01, 2012
To BJ and other loved ones of Al: I'd known Al casually pretty much since moving to Bozeman in 1962; he was Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee Chair one of those early years, when recently retired MSU President Roland Renne ran for governor on the Democratic ticket in 1964. I always enjoyed talking politics with Al; he was an interesting, friendly man with strong convictions. I'm sure he'll be missed by everyone who knew him. (I"m very sorry I cannot come to the 1 p.m. service for him today, Sat. I would like to, but I have a previous engagement. My best wishes & regards to you who knew him better than I did. Mary Vant Hull (formerly El-Negoumy) (Bozeman, MT)

November 30, 2012
I was very sad to read about the passing of your precious loved one, and especially since we were created with the desire to live forever. May you hold on to all the wonderful memories of Allen McAlear and draw comfort from God’s word that he will resurrect those that we have lost and the promise found at Revelation 21:4, where God promises that he is going to do away with death forever. Nia Mosely (, MI)

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