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Mary Noble

August 19, 1944 ~ February 19, 2017

Service: August 19, 2017 3:00 PM
   Location: Hyalite

Mary “Kathleen” Noble was born to Gene and Georgia (Pratt) Treat on August 19, 1944, and was called to her new home in heaven on February 19, 2017 at 4:20 p.m.  She had to hurry to reminisce and meditate with old friends, then meet her parents for cocktails and her mother’s birthday dinner. 

Conceived in Bozeman, born in Seattle, her heart was in Bozeman, after returning home at seven months.  She currently lived a block from her childhood home on West Babcock.

She loved travel and at different times of her life lived many places, most notably Washington State and DC.  She most recently fell in love with Virginia.

She grew up attending Emerson elementary and old Rosary High School.  She regretted not finishing, but went on to achieve a GED in 1979 at 30, and qualified for two Bachelor of Science degrees in 1994 at age 50.  Early childhood education and anthropology were majors and some of her passions.  She wanted free education for all.  Once started in academia, she was hard to stop.  She joked “Occupation, professional student.”

At 17, in beauty school, she met her first husband, John Wallace.  That almost eleven-year union produced four beautiful children.  After separation, while working on Christmas Eve of 1971 to support them, she met Gordon Ernest Noble “Ernie” and they both had that “Love at first sight” reaction.  Both were leery of a relationship at this point, him also separated with two beautiful children.  They often laughed about forgetting to confess to each other about the children until necessary.  Talking daily till their first date on New Year’s Eve which ended 45+ years later with her passing.  They knew success of their life/family adventure had little chance, but believed love, humor, and tolerance could prevail.  They married June 15, 1972 in Bozeman. They lived and loved through two Army enlistments, living in Washington state and DC, Kansas, Radersburg, MT, but mostly Bozeman.

She always said her most important job was staying home being mother and wife and caretaker for her husband.  She always valued her blended family.  She also valued her health service career working as a CNA, Activities Assistant and Director, and did geriatric social work.  She also worked as Corrections Officer and graduated from the Kansas State Police Academy with special recognition for rifle and shotgun marksmanship.  She received a “Governor’s Accommodation” for peace officers for preventing a rape, assault, and escape, and physically subduing an inmate at Kansas State Maximum Security Prison for men.

She also worked at K-Mart Deli in Bozeman, and enjoyed being staff and house Manager for REACH.  For many summers, her favorite job was being professional archaeology assistant and crew chief for Dr. Les Davis, mentor, friend, and Curator at MOR.

Notable achievements for her were being a mother and wife.  She said education should have come first.  She was a realistic dreamer and visionary.  She loved helping family.

A life-long “screaming” liberal in her later life, she enjoyed political activities when time permited.  She very much enjoyed working on Medical Marijuana and recreational issues.  A player from the beginning, she was a signature gatherer, did administrative work, and testimony at events.  This led to her last job as a Gallatin County Election Official/Judge.  She said the job was hard because she had to be A-political and not speak up, but was very proud of it.

About her marriage, she said it was miraculous, but easy: “No one else could stand to live with either one of us.”  She was proud of all her children, and being a state-certified foster parent, helped a granddaughter in need.  She and “SW” Stormy Winter Wallace developed a close relationship.   She enjoyed 14 trips to Virginia to visit “SW” and family over the last seven years, the last only a month before her passing.

She was preceded by her parents, Gene and Georgia Treat, numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Her greatest fear was outliving her children and siblings, being the oldest.  She achieved that by leaving behind all siblings, Ken(Teresa), Don (Terry), Mike (Denise), and sister, Lois Martin (Kim); all 7 children, Jeannine Dundas (Rob), Laurie Mann (Galen), John Wallace (Karen), Lisa Hoy, Dawn Mari Noble, and Gordon Noble, Jr. (Kirstin).  Brother-in-law, Bill Noble, was a favorite.  She also left 18 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, and numerous nephews and nieces.

Her only and greatest family tragedy was the long-term disability and illness of Keegan Rose, her oldest granddaughter, and a very special person in her life.

She loved all things outdoors.  The best shot in the family, she was always proud of her “one shot/one kill” ethics and, in this endeavor, she was close to perfect.  Climbing, she did many summits.  She always wanted more time to ski, and especially sailing.  Sailing was her outdoor passion.  She was helmsman, and first mate (admiral) of her beloved Catalina 25’ sailboat, “Moody Blue.”    Her competitive drive sailing allowed her, with no experience, to become a local champion yacht racer.  She said sailing was a metaphor of her life.  She had the perfect sailing and life crew of family and trusted friends.

Charitable contributions in her memory made be made to local suicide prevention at the Help Center, 421 E. Peach, Bozeman, MT 59715; a family and personal cause, losing both her mother and mother-in-law to suicide.

Special thanks to staff and doctors at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital; she knew and said “You are world-class.”  She wanted her care there always.  Special thanks to PA Charlotte , and RN Karie, you are an awesome nurse and person, as are your associates.

Memorial services in Hyalite on Saturday, August 19th, about 3 o’clock, with a short formal service at 4:20 p.m., and a barbeque and party afterwards.  Further information to be on Facebook. 

She will always be missed and loved by all she touched.  A final thank you to all who loved her.  She always felt blessed by that.  She would not say goodbye, but see you soon.  God bless, love everyone, peace on earth, and be happy in her memory because she is at peace.

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