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James Schloss
October 21, 1945 ~
April 21, 2018
Date of Service: April 26, 2018

Joan Crosbie
May 16, 1930 ~
April 22, 2018
Date of Service: May 01, 2018

Dennis Franz
November 18, 1942 ~
April 15, 2018

Sidney Dykstra
April 20, 1926 ~
April 13, 2018

Patricia Larsen
October 1, 1927 ~
April 12, 2018

Daniel Klein
May 5, 1929 ~
April 11, 2018

Betty Portnell
March 4, 1933 ~
April 11, 2018

Tiffany Halvorson
March 30, 1994 ~
April 08, 2018

Helen Olson
June 9, 1935 ~
April 07, 2018


Abigail Hostetter

March 13, 1998 ~ July 13, 2017

Service: July 21, 2017 7:00 PM
   Location: Connect Church

Once upon a time and not so long ago, a princess was borrowed from The King. With gray-blue eyes and dark brown hair, she came into the world as a bundle of light and love that melted the hearts of those who saw her first and guaranteed their attachment to her forever. 

The greatest gift the princess possessed was laughter. From her very first smile to the rippling giggle that escaped her rosebud lips with glee, it was apparent to all that her laughter was powerful: It loosed the magic of joy to all who heard it and opened a hidden door into The King’s castle. Since everyone longed to catch a glimpse of The King, the princess was well-loved by all, and she returned that love with a lisp and a wink.
The princess was strong and brave and understood her mission as she grew from child into young woman and fought against the darkness for the ones who could not laugh. She made way for them to see The King just when they needed it most, and wielded her sword in His Name. Though the princess remained somewhat small for her age, her heart was large and she fiercely championed with a vim and vigor that was colossal in strength. But, as is the case with many warriors, the princess was wounded in battle and this injury would not heal. The princess did all she could to continue on, but her wounds began to cripple her and steal her purpose.

Then one day--just when the princess had come to the end, The King came calling. In spite of her devotion to Him, there had been so many times throughout the princess’ life when she had lost sight of Him--forgotten what He looked like--could not remember the sound of His voice. 

But there was no mistaking Him now. 

The last battle had been fierce and she lacked the strength to speak, and He seemed to understand. He looked at her with eyes of love and spoke tenderly to her broken body. He lifted her hand to His lips and kissed her fingers, gazing lovingly at His girl. He never hesitated to draw near--nothing could hold Him back. He gathered her up in arms of love and carried her home with Him. 

And they lived happily ever after.


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"Thank you for all you did for us regarding our Dad's funeral.  I know many times you went the extra mile for us and we appreciate it.  As hard as it was, you made the planning easier.  Chris, you have a gift and may you continue to bless people.  We will always be grateful for you."

~ Darlene D. & Family
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